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ICOMSS has acquired extensive experience over the years helping provide the correct IT software solutions for all types of business from small SMEs to large corporate clients, initial consultations are free. We have experience in analysing business needs and creating suitable applications and solutions in a wide variety of business sectors for an extensive range of clients.

  • Bespoke Software – Ground up custom software built around your business
  • Business Intelligence – Data mining and reporting
  • CRM – Manage your relationships with suppliers and clients
  • Accounting Software – Finance and Accounting Solutions
  • ERP – Integrated Solutions across all departments
  • Portals & Collaboration – Enhance the way your staff and clients work with each other
  • Systems Integration – Bringing your multitude of systems together

Parnering with You:

The correct use of IT is worth its weight in gold to all businesses – but only when implemented correctly. Done badly it will only speed up any problems in the pipeline. Everyone has heard about how the latest IT system would transform their business overnight. All problems, both existing and future ones would simply disappear. If only it were that simple! Unfortunately, this is not the case.

Simply put, there are no quick and easy fixes. If the underlying architecture of the business model being used is no good, no amount of whizz-bang, on-line, streaming, broadband, customised IT enhancement will help. The business model is flawed and you only get to make bigger mistakes more quickly.

Even the biggest organisations can be as blind, if not more blind, than small companies.

ICOMSS can help you discover the weaker sides of the business as well as the good side and assist you to make them all more efficient and effective and therefore more profitable.


  • Custom Shortcodes
  • Visual Page Builder
  • Unlimited Shortcodes
  • Responsive Theme
  • Tons of Layouts
  • Font Awesome Icons
  • Pre-Defined Colors
  • AJAX Transitions
  • High Quality Support
  • Unlimited Options
  • WooCommerce Layouts
  • Pre-Defined Fonts
  • Style Changers
  • Footer Styles
  • Header Styles

WHY ICIS Solutions Offers the Best Solutions?

With many years experience and a first class team of developers, consultants, server secialists, designers and innovators ICIS solutions has built a strong and versatile foundation to meet twenty first century business requirements.

ICIS business solutions offer ICT consulting and advice.

In todays market place businesses have a dependency on information technologies so it makes sense that if your business has a dependency you give it priority and seek out the right help and advice to develop and protect you as you move forward…

ICIS website, e-commerce & extranet developments

Every ICIS online development is built on a tried and tested core framework which delivers secure transactions, proven reliability, fast performance and flexible growth, coupled with a completely unique and individual website or storefront design that reinforces your existing brand and is specifically tailored to your market and your customers….

ICIS online marketing services, Email, SEO, Pay Per Click.

ICIS considere all levels of online marketing from the traditional banner add and SEO to the email marketing campaign and everything in between. We do this in a bid to determine which are the best and most cost effective ways of presenting, promoting and utlising your on-line presence.

ICIS Information Communication Technology (ICT) Consulting

ICIS starts all projects by obtaining a detailed understanding of your business needs and objectives before preparing a consultancy proposal that will achieve your business goals. Upon completion and adoption of any strategic consultancy plan, we will work with you to implement and monitor the success of your strategy…


Cloud Developments
Online Marketing
WordPress, Joomla, Custom Coded
Customer Support
ICT Consulting

Our Clients & Brands

ICIS Customer Brands and Profiles

ICIS, the only ICT business solution you will ever need

Whatever the requirement be it design / marketing related, ICT consultancy and advice or custom cloud based solutions, make ICIS your first call. We are here to help you achieve your business goals today….

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